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What to Pack

Be prepared for hot weather (70 degrees +) and Canadian winter conditions! (Cold!)

Hunters hunting out of the main cabin camps may bring as much gear as they feel they need to be comfortable. Hunters on horseback are limited to one duffel, plus rifle and day pack, extra gear will be left at main camp.

Prepare your gear for rain and wet snow. Put your camera in a plastic bag. Waterproof and shockproof high quality binoculars are a must.

This checklist should prove very useful in assisting you to ensure you arrive with everything you need. Download Pack List.

Notes regarding your equipment.

SLEEPING BAG: Although down bags are warmer we recommend a good quality synthetic bag as these dry out quickly if wet and will also keep you warm while they are still wet.

RAIN GEAR: Good quality quiet rain gear, tops and bottoms. You may be riding so be sure they will be comfortable.

LEATHER BOOTS: Good quality, warm, well fitting, comfortable hiking boots. Preferably waterproof and broken in.

RUBBER BOOTS: May not be needed If your leather boots are very waterproof. There will be mud and muskeg in places and rubber boots will keep you dry. Rubber bottomed winter boots with liners that can be removed and dried will work equally well for the cold weather.

PERSONAL TOILETRIES: Toothpaste, towel etc..

EYEWEAR/MEDICATIONS: If you have contact lenses, please bring a supply of what you will need for the whole hunt as we will be a long way from any store. The same for any medications.

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: Many persons who do not regularly drink at home will enjoy a hot toddy at the end of a long cold day of hunting, or around the campfire and in the tents in the evenings. This need not be brought from home but can be purchased in Prince George.  We reserve the right not to permit an intoxicated guest to hunt.



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